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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Skypad vs. Ipad!

Today I am doing the battle of the tabs the Skytex Skypad Alpha vs. the Apple Ipad first generation. Both Purchased from Amazon for lowest price. I will start off by giving out pros vs pros and cons vs cons. We will have 5 different categories. Whoever wins the most wins! Here we go!!!
                                                                      First battle Video Chat
 The Ipad can nothing. vs. Skypad Alpha using Fringe and skype 2.1 no video just sound
  Ipad has no video chat capabilities which gives the Skypad the advantage. The Skypad has one front facing webcam and is okay with video chat.

                                                           Second battle E-reading!
  The Ipad can pinch to zoom and turns pages at good speed realistically. The skypad cant pinch to zoom but has a text enlarger margin enlarger and comes with preloaded aldiko app with 1 book. It also can change orientation and brightness to darkness screen quick. I am forced for a tie so the score is 2-1.
                                    Third battle Internet browsing
The Ipad is very quick with its safari browser. No certificate issues and is overall quick. The skypad has no security certificate issues and has an excellent browser. You can download this awesome browser for both called dolphin browser mini has tabs so it feels more like a computer. They are both quick but the unfair advantage for the ipad is if u get 3g. Both are great with wi-fi reception. Now it is 3-2.
                                      Fourth battle Multimedia!
The Ipad of course has i-tunes the best music app ever and excellent graphics. It works with flash very well and hd videos run great. The Android OS sadly does not have really good music apps other than Pandora and Spotify but it works with sound very good. Its apps run great but some people say the resistive screen is a problem. Its graphics are great and the accelerometer really helps. It runs hd just as good and works well with youtube. The app market is getjar and has 75,000 apps or u can use The apple app market may have more but android has some that u cant find on the apple market. The Itunes market with 500,000 apps has imovie Garageband and all of the other favorites. I give this on to the Ipad. The score is 4-3.
                                       Fifth battle overall body
The Ipad is ten inches which makes it hard to play games with the accelerometer but its screen is less resistive. The screen picks up pretty good but it is heavier than the opponent. The other thing is it has volume control on the body not on the screen. The Skypad is seven inches and eight ounces. it can fit in your back pocket and has a much faster accelerometer. The volume control is on screen which can be a slight problem, but it still wins being lighter and android system has its perks. I give the score 5-4.
 Both of these tablets are good tablets but the Ipad first generation beats the Skypad in a close finish. I still highly recommend the Skypad for its ruggedness. Thanks for reading! Update: The Ipad 2 is coming to a battle of wits vs. the Exo PC!

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