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Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Ereader with a purpose

Skytex has made a wonderful creation a joy to use the Primer 7”. A color e-reader with a built in microphone, ability to expand to 16 GB of storage, and an excellent price of $80. Is their some downsides well yes sure, but of course the first generation Kindle does not have a touch screen or a camera, but this device is packing some punch. The main operating system is a minimal using the Linux OS. It can support video and music playback and also read Adobe DRM protected books. Much better than some of the competition out their like the first generation Kindle. Another thing is this device has is a FM radio, and microphone for taking notes and stuff. I am going to take this and an extremely similar device called the EB101P Digital Text Reader by Ematic, and let them butt heads. These devices have nearly identical beings such as an FM player and microphone. The body is same and so is the keyboard. One difference is the company. When i spoke to Skytex they were so nice, they spoke in English, and helped me right away, for the Ematic customer service customers on Amazon have raved on how bad they were and could only get an automated response. Also on the flipside it is hard not to be able to get books straight from my device, but it would be worth it for the price of 80. I mean that is rock bottom cheap! I have to say I like the looks of this product, and love the company.

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