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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Skytab S Series $499! Black Friday

One of my favorite Windows Slate's just got cheaper! The Skytab S Series was just reduced to $499 on their website for Black Friday. This is cheaper than an Ipad 2 or the first generation. I know this is a great deal in the market of tablets/slates for most people because in this economy we hold tight to our purses. This deal is exclusively available on their website though. This company has been in the shadows for a while now. With the emerging of Android and Window slates they have been making affordable good products. They have made their signature product the Skypad Alpha which is an Android mini tablet. They have a small 4.8 inch media player the Skytex Primer. They also have an e book reader and soon to come a touch reader. This slate is just another budget slate most other big bloggers say. I disagree to the fullest. Why does every good product that is offered lower than a bigger slate like the Samsung 7 a budget slate? This device is to me a better build, and better features than all the others. Here is the link to go get it!            Skytab S Series 9.7'' on sale link

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