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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top 5 Christmas Gadgets by Zeke!


I am not a big Christmas shopper myself, but know a good tech buy when I see one. I am going to talk all of my Christmas shoppers into buying some of the top technology advanced at the best prices.

5. Skytex Skytab S Series

I have talked about this great slate time and time again. I have to admit I have not  seen very many videos on this elusive product. Only 1 review from which praised this as a better alternative to the Ipad 2. I have also praised this excellent “budget slate” time and time again. Running Windows 7 Home Premium and packing 320 GB on a hard drive with three external usb ports this is one of the best slates out their for a great Black Friday sale price of $499 on their website! Here is the link Skytab S Series $499 

4. Sony NSX-32GT1

A new player in the television market is the smart tv. First we had the 1080pd hd television was a big deal, after that was the plasma television which faded out, soon later we have now 3D TV's which are well pretty good for the price, and today we have the internet ready TV. This specific device is currently only $400 on Amazon which is an excellent buy.

3. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W530

     Today in this day and age you have to upgrade from the old film cameras to a digital camera. You might think “Well they are so expensive it is not worth it!” That is totally not true. First think of how much you spend to get that camera, film processed, and pick up. Second digital cameras are sold from $80! This camera is a true gem. At a low price of $80 with 14.1 megapixel picture digital still camera this is a great buy for casual picture taking and making family videos to have for a lifetime. With 4x zoom and 14.1 megapixel pictures you always will have perfect pictures all the time.

2. HTC Trophy

     One of the most popular operating systems is Windows. From Window netbooks to slates they have finally entered the smartphone game. With Windows 7.5 Mango the HTC Trophy is the best smartphone out on the market. With a perfect 5 star rating out of 43 reviews on Amazon and being one of the first phones with Xbox Live this is the destroyer phone. The Windows mobile OS Mango is a beast at multitasking. With the mobile versions of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint how could you go wrong? At first when I saw the two bad reviews on this phone I almost did not put this at the 2 slot. I realized when these reviews were made Windows Mango was not made. Now with a whole lot of bug fixes and such this Windows Phone is ready to go. The Windows App Marketplace is now packing over 40,000 apps! With some really good mainstream apps and some other really good Xbox Live exclusives Iphone 4S stand back! My only complaint is the camera situation. There is only a rear camera and it is by all means no good. Also this phone was one of the first Windows phone sadly. Still though I highly recommend it! Available for a penny on the Amazon Wireless store with a 2 year contract.


      1.   The 3D DS

      A big player in the mobile gaming market is Nintendo. To me all of the former tries at a successful DS were big failures! Even with the DS I they still did not include a video camera. The old DS systems did not give off a good gaming feel. Now when I played around with the demo version of Star fox. It feels like Nintendo is finally getting the point of a real gaming console. So far what I have seen in stores are dirt cheap. My friend got his for $145 at Walmart last week. The one reason I chose this as my number 1 choice is the ability to make 3D pictures, the better gaming quality, the 3D app store, and the great graphics. I hope to make a video and full review soon.




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