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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Exo PC 2.0

We have all seen the effects of Windows 8 will have on the world when in the first 24 hours it received 500,000 downloads. Now it is the people at Exo PC's turn to show off their latest UI upgrade. The Exo 2.0 update includes many new features and a major overhaul of the entire bubble like UI we have come to love. First some minor things like volume controls, wifi and bluetooth settings, screen brightness, and a more modern feel created by The Skin Factory. The big changes are the inclusion of some brand new paid apps, some mainstream apps like evernote and angry birds have found their way into the brand new UI. Also the new look has some old features like the ever present bubbles, but also includes a beautiful flow and eco system. This will become to me the standard UI for all in ones, laptop convertibles, and slates. I can't wait to see it and test it out!!.

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