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Friday, October 28, 2011

Exo PC User Interface Layer for Windows

This is the new generation of mobile computing. No it is not one device, but a layer for one to get apps and use them on your Windows 7 slate an option all of the other expensive slates do not have. It has an app market close in number to the freeware market with 1,278 to date. Updated weekly this market will expand to over 2,500 apps coming straight at you! With some pretty impressive apps like the exo radio, exo TV, a bald eagles nest, camera app, some books and magazines, flash chess, putt putt, painting Jackson Pollock style, Fruit Ninja and Clash and Slash, over 40,000 recipes with air, and plenty more to keep you always busy. Currently this is still a work in progress with some of their premier apps such as the Exo Business app. In this review I will look at the Good, the bad, and the ugly. First for the good!

The Exo PC UI was made for people of course not robots. It is made uniquely for the Windows 7 touch slates that comply with it’s standards. The Exo UI for me had one appeal its apps. When I look at Samsung’s Slate I felt bad that they did not have the Exo layer. The Exo store is filled with 1,278 apps such as their exo TV with genres like Sports, Children, Education, Cinema, and local, exo radio with a wide variety of stations, the exo browser an uncomplicated touch ready browser just waiting for you, the exo player their new 1080p high definition video and music files player, a whole collection of games, a good group of productivity, and plenty made for kids and education. Another thing that is useful is their easy to use Apple like keyboard. I know some people on YouTube have said it did not work and they were right. There newest bug fix has fixed this problem. Another benefit is say you go to the Intel App up Market you can get angry Birds and make a shortcut to use when in the UI. Also the UI is loaded with all types of fun things to do which makes it very useful.

The bad I can think of very few things. So far I have only heard people specific problems. Depending on who you are, and what you would want to use this for I would suggest putting in some more research into it. Go on their website, check out their forum, see what others have to say. i can only say I personally think this is going into the right direction by far. So my last words are GO EXO!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Ereader with a purpose

Skytex has made a wonderful creation a joy to use the Primer 7”. A color e-reader with a built in microphone, ability to expand to 16 GB of storage, and an excellent price of $80. Is their some downsides well yes sure, but of course the first generation Kindle does not have a touch screen or a camera, but this device is packing some punch. The main operating system is a minimal using the Linux OS. It can support video and music playback and also read Adobe DRM protected books. Much better than some of the competition out their like the first generation Kindle. Another thing is this device has is a FM radio, and microphone for taking notes and stuff. I am going to take this and an extremely similar device called the EB101P Digital Text Reader by Ematic, and let them butt heads. These devices have nearly identical beings such as an FM player and microphone. The body is same and so is the keyboard. One difference is the company. When i spoke to Skytex they were so nice, they spoke in English, and helped me right away, for the Ematic customer service customers on Amazon have raved on how bad they were and could only get an automated response. Also on the flipside it is hard not to be able to get books straight from my device, but it would be worth it for the price of 80. I mean that is rock bottom cheap! I have to say I like the looks of this product, and love the company.

Skypad Review

I have reviewed my Skytex Skypad Alpha 7”. I have made and edited a 9 minute video for you to see the Skypad Alpha.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Step up to the Plate, Dell!

Before the rise of Android and the popularity of Apple, Dell ranked supreme in the computer world. I myself am typing this post on a Dell Inspiron laptop. Dell has always been the top computer maker and was seemingly on the right track. With the age of new computing the “mobile way” laptops shrank in width and desktops had screens thinner than a USB flash drive. I bought my Inspiron in 2009 when Vista had came out and was starting to make a name for itself. To me I knew a lot about using a computer, but nothing about hardware. I was about 9 and all I knew was I was getting a laptop. My dad took me to Best Buy and I saw whole shelves of laptops. At the time Dell had a large corporation and all of the current competition was barely getting started. I bought the Inspiron 1545 for about $545. I took it home bouncing with joy not being able to wait to use Windows Vista for the first time. When I got it I had around 3 hours of light to medium work (stop motion animation). Now after all this time it is down to a mere 23 minutes of light work (just looking at pictures). Dell products have been declining in quality now because of larger demand. Now Windows 7 have come to the tablet pc world and they jumped on the opportunity. The Duo the new Inspiron is a netbook and tablet combined into one device has gotten many rotten reviews. Mostly because of the weight and uselessness of touch screen. Once Dell produced the fastest pc’s around blowing the competition to dust. Now the only thing I give them credit for is their Alien ware gaming laptops. Dell made a feeble attempt to look good by making skins for your laptop to have a new color. Dell, If you want to be a serious company, and actually try to make products to beat out the Ipad then get back to the drawing boards, hire and fire, and start working!