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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The battle of Two's

                                    Skypad Alpha 2 vs. Ipad2
      I finally decided to review the Skypad Alpha 2 vs. the Ipad2. I waited to make this battle because the original Skypad Alpha was too low on specs to think about competing with the Ipad 2. Now with an upgraded app market, faster processor, capacitive screen, and hdmi cable we can think this beautiful sleek device can compete with the bigger more well known Ipad 2. Also another thing to look forward to is an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwhich. This device will be a definite hit and a smash in the budget market.

 1. Multimedia
     The Ipad2 is locked and loaded with the IOS app market holding 500,000 apps. Even though it has all that only a mere 140,000 are made for the Ipad. With a 9.7 inch capacitive screen with 3 points of touch this is great for slicing fruit and the pinch to zoom is very fluid. A much more known contemporary and very ferocious, but is extremely limited. Powered by a mere 1 GHZ dual core chip and 512 MB of RAM come on people get this in your head! Let my not forget the lack of SD and hdmi ports! On the side of the Skypad Alpha 2 we see a foreign app market called 1Mobile. Do not be afraid for it sports over 200,000 applications all free! With a 7 inch 5 finger multi touch screen you can bet your bottom dollar this is a death match. Packing a 1.2 GHZ ARM Cortex 8 processor and the same GPU in the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and 512 MB of Ram this is made for gaming. Also it has the ability to stream through its hdmi port 3D stereoscopic files. Something many devices wish they could do. With this battle I reluctantly say the Alpha 2 wins the day!
2. The Long Haul
     Don't we all love a device that can last that long road trip? With the Ipad you get 10 hours of goody goodness. With the Skypad Alpha 2 you get between 4-6 hours of playtime. Also with a car charger accessory you will be able to charge back up fully in one hour!
                                                                      3. Camera
     The camera situation is defiantly better on the Ipad. With a 2mp front and 3mp rear 720p it is a lot better. What you should consider is the Skypad Alpha 2 has a new .3mp camera which is a heck lot better than the old 1.3 in low light conditions. I leave that decision to y'all.
                                                                      Final decision
     My final decision is the Alpha2 is an excellent choice for teens, tweens, and people on a budget. It is only beaten by the camera and size situation. Also with Android 4.0 update you will not miss IOS. So if you want   an excellent e-reader with 5 points of touch great processor and stellar graphics go with the Alpha2. If you want a big device for who knows what go with the Ipad 2. 

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