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Friday, April 6, 2012

Skypad Alpha 2 Q and A

Okay since I have been hearing some of questions about the Skypad Alpha 2 I decided to take some time and answer them.
Q: What accessories is their for the Skypad Alpha 2 and where can I get them?
 A: The main vault for all of your accessory needs is defiantly. The many accessories are the carrying case that doubles as a stand (no more of the little "dock" anymore), a handy car charger, resourceful screen protector, and a USB OTG adapter which makes the mini USB port a full size USB port.
Q: When does the ICS Android 4.0 update come out?
A: The official 4.0 update has not come out even though it was scheduled for a mid-March release date. If your are proficient in computer use you can upgrade to the 4.0 beta. It will delete all of your current data so you will have to store it on your computer or flash drive. Directions and download link can be found here.
Q: Why does my Skypad Alpha 2 come up 1 GHZ instead of 1.2?
A: That most likely is a software glitch and will be fixed with the new 4.0 beta version or a software update.
Q: Can I get the Android Market (Google Play) on the Skypad Alpha 2?
A: Yes it has been done and still can through downloading the Google Service Framework and downloading the android market and walaha!!
If you have anymore questions I compel you to leave a question below and it will be expediently answered. I guarantee it! Or you can go to and post in the forum and any questions you have will be answered. Also from Mike Manhana is an excellent place for custom ROM's and such.


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