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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Skypad Protos Out Update: Gemini Up for sale SKYTEX Technology Inc. Skypad SX-SP970A 9.7-Inch Tablet (Black): Electronics

Okay so I was a bit excited in my haste to post this that I only included a link and now am featuring the specs added by Skytex and the Gemini is available to be bought for $169 which is very shocking (not to be confused with the Skypad Alpha 2 on the official Skytex website for $169. The Skypad Protos is not available for sale or pre-order currently and is featuring the same specs as said on the website except this time around (per my suggestion) they have included a 5mp rear camera that should make this all the more IpadHD competitor. Some people have scoffed saying that this can not possible be the real thing but according to the model numbers on the Gemini and Protos we have enough information to believe this is the real deal and are waiting on a statement from Skytex. Also the specs on the Gemini deviated from what we were lead to believe: first instead of Bluetooth 4.0 it is listed as 2.0, second it says it has a full USB 2.0 port on the tablet which is hard to believe for a budget Android tab, third which really are just questions I have are that is says it has a mini HDMI 1.4 and optimized Wi- Fi which means usually it is going to be a hard plastic backing or it will feature an aluminum backing with two wi-fi radios instead of one.
Update: We have word from a company spokesperson that the Gemini and Protos will be up for order next week!
We do have the Protos and Gemini as pre-orders on our site but shipments are not expected to go out until the 2nd week of July
 Gemini will be available for puchase next week.

These are two of the statements made to us. Sadly no word about the Protos.

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