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Friday, June 29, 2012

Why the Chrome series has a long life

     Many people in the IT community scorn Google's attempt at a simple and easy to use computer OS. I have never scorned the Google project and have always been a fan of the excellent and quick browser. The newest iteration of the Chrome OS is probably the safest, quickest to boot, and easiest to use OS out there. I must admit the newest hardware is much more powerful even to the point to run Windows in a Remote Desktop. The Samsung Series 550 has 4 GB of RAM and Intel innards Celeron Sandy Bridge which will probably be replaced this fall and has a 16 GB SSD which you will probably use with Windows 7/8 since it is all cloud based. The main seller for Google Chrome is the cloud. Consider that instead of using Microsoft Office you use Google Docs a free document editor with the ability to make papers, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, and for Outlook you use Gmail and for Onenote you can use Evernote which almost replaces Microsoft Office and do not forget the template marketplace which is fully featured and is very helpful. Also schools will rest assured since Chrome OS really isn't a true OS there is virtually no possiblity of getting a virus and virus protection is built in and these things boot up in less than 7 seconds. Most people think that Chrome OS can not be used with out internet (or if yours is 3G enabled). Now Google Music, Google Docs, Google Books, all are geared for offline use. Schools will have hundreds of education tools at their disposal in the Chrome web store and businesses have plenty of options too. Low prices since hardware is very simplified is a great addition and all Chromebooks offer 3G with a 100MB of free data per month for two years which to me is great for checking a quick e-mail or updating my Facebook status. The Chromebook solution is perfect for schools and businesses on a budget that likes security and speed. Chrome will feature more hardware partners like Asus (since they made the Nexus 7 tablet) and faster innards and as some hope in the near future a collide with the New Chrome OS and Android to create a better ecosystem. I think the Chrome OS will be a great success for Google and will be the perfect options for consumers, schools, and businesses abroad.

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