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Monday, July 2, 2012

The secret Your App section

       Most mobile Operating Systems have a section showing what purchases you have made and this is the first that I know of that lets you re install them (other than the Google Play and 1Mobile Market stores) if you purchased them. Before doing a right click did absolutely nothing in the Windows Store now it pulls down a command bar from the top and has two options either go back home or it shows a your apps section. The app market may look very meager but there is so many apps that they do not show you in the main sections that used to exist in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. According to my Your Apps Section I have purchased 49 apps including 28 that are already installed on my pc Blessed. A few of the apps that appear as "phantom updates" such as TuneIn radio, Evernote, and Kindle were not counted in the 49 apps, but some apps like QQ and the Conde Nast Collection that look like they do not exist on Windows Store really do if you installed them from the Windows 8 CP. Also this is very thoughtful is you do download say a paid app and then accidentally uninstall it you can now reinstate it without having to re purchase it. This is very helpful if you want to know what apps you have, how many, and if they are installed or not. This is a really cool feature and if you want good Windows 8 tips go to and they furnish a lot about all of this and that is where I found out how to make screenshots.

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