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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lumosity (Web App review)


      I know I stopped reviewing Windows 8 apps a while ago and I have good reason. I no longer own a Windows 8 device. My previous workhorse's motherboard died forcing me to get a windows 7 laptop as a stopgap until I get a Windows 8 tabtop. Anyway I know you have heard a lot about Lumosity which has recently gone mainstream after launching a massive ad campaign to get people to come to try their web app. So far I have been using it with some increase in focus but have been extremely frustrated to find high prices for a "paid package" that I needed to use the entire thing. So on to the review!


      So I decided not to pony up for the more expensive paid version that is supposed to really make your brain fly because like most consumers I don't want to put money into a potential scammy program. The functionality is extremely limited in its capabilities. First off it does not show you a personalized report, it does not let you do 5 activities a day, it does not let you do anything after doing a training session until the next day, and it will not make the program to focus on what you want to focus on. For me this is overreaching too much. But what little they let you do or test their program did help me. I recently finished in the top three of a spelling bee with the aid of and 1 night of cramming. It was pretty awesome. I mean other than that is was pretty useless for anything. I mean I don't see my focus improving or anything else it advertises. Only a better memory. 


     Well I don't talk about an app's (or web apps) design too much but today I felt like I should. It wasn't designed very professionally and clean, but felt cluttered. It felt like a cheaper cut rate app to me. The app logo design for Google Chrome feels out of place too. 

Final Score//: 2.9 out of 5

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