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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Design

Content First
     I know I am a UI/UX design freak but that's ok. When the average person thinks about design or UI, they tend to want shiny or chromic crap. That is why when Microsoft presented to the world MDL (Microsoft Design Language), there were mixed reactions. For me the reaction was, "Genius, making it look good without all the décor and it's simple!".
     As you can see, many websites are now adopting the design. It is a new era for a lot of things but especially in technology. I hope you too will see the beauty of the new design language!
     Remember, add a comment if you are interested in this kind of stuff. Here is the source code of the above if you would like a sample of the design -
.fontfamily {
font-family: Segoe UI Light, Calibri Light, Calibri;
.colorwhite {
color: white;
.fs32px {
font-size: 32px;
.lineheight {
line-height: 90px;
.centertext {
text-align: center;
.greendiv {
background-color: limegreen;
.bluediv {
background-color: dodgerblue;
.purplediv {
background-color: #68217a;
.inlineblock {
display: inline-block;
.margintop10px {
margin-top: 10px;
.marginright10px {
margin-right: 10px;
.hundredsquare {
height: 100px;
width: 100px;
.twohundredrectangle {
height: 100px;
width: 210px;
<div class="fs32px fontfamily">
<div class="greendiv lineheight hundredsquare colorwhite inlineblock centertext">Clean</div>
<div class="purplediv lineheight hundredsquare colorwhite inlineblock centertext">Simple</div>
<div class="bluediv lineheight twohundredrectangle colorwhite inlineblock centertext">Modern</div>
<div class="bluediv lineheight hundredsquare colorwhite centertext inlineblock margintop10px">Fast</div>
<div class="greendiv lineheight twohundredrectangle colorwhite centertext inlineblock">Content First</div>
<div class="purplediv lineheight hundredsquare colorwhite centertext inlineblock">Unique</div>

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