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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello! ~From Jenn~

Hi everyone!

I'm here to ruin everything you thought about this place! *insert evil laughter* And why?

I'm a female. And not only that, I'm a Pegasister (Twilight Sparkle FTW!). And so, obviously, I'm addicted to everything cute and pink and pony. Because that's how all females are, right? (no, seriously. Check out my blog here. I basically follow every female stereotype EVER.)

Okay, but being more seriously. My life goal is to become a blacksmith and to live somewhere on the East Coast of the US of A--preferably, Maine. But, all in due time. In my free time, I like writing about zombies and horrible scientific experiments--and the young people who right them. I'm a Whovian at heart, and a Browncoat in head. I love technology and couldn't imagine my life without it, though sometimes I think it would be cool to live in Camelot with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Though I may love ponies, I love ravens more.

So, why am I here? I was recruited to do some book reviews, which I will write along with my NaNo novel and regular blog. I'm a lover of all genres, and will read whatever is asked of me! (and if you don't ask anything, then I'll just be... ya know... my own thang [aka I read a LOT of chick flicks so request or witness a horrible turn of events for this blog!])

Otherwise... I'm not hugely tech-savvy, I prefer to be more creative and artistic and not worry about the principles of the thing. I have trouble focusing sometimes because I'm slowly going blind, so staring at computer screens for to long can really hurt. :/ I do like walking or jogging when I get bored, though, which is a great way to get fresh air.

My favourite genre is chick flick, but I haven't been opened to very many others because my school's library is only just growing. At home, I own a lot of adventure novels that I love re-reading. :3

I'm always open to talking, and love hearing people's opinions! I feel like this is a dating service application...

Anyway, I hope I don't make too many changes! Any suggestions/ideas? You can comment or email me at

To find more about me, you can check out my blog and decide that maybe I'm too girly to handle! Hahaha.


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