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Saturday, July 13, 2013

HTML 5 Coding

     It wasn't too long ago since I've learned html and am still learning more. Never mind how long precisely, but I am going to start an html group to gather html coders and web developers. I like to code a site to look simple and clean and follow MDL. I am a high schooler, so please if you will, cut me some slack.
     I have been amazed by the power of pure html 5 and what you can do. I am on a quest to have more control of my html and I would like to learn more about it. Right now I am just coding in organic html 5 but I want to be able to do more even if I have to learn another programming language. So this could be interesting and I hope you will find the time to get on the hub and learn or teach us something. One of the quests I've been on is why we have to make a template instead of just pure coding each individual page. But that is why I need to learn. We learn from you and you learn from us! So this html 5 hub will be at

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