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Monday, July 22, 2013

This is the Future: Houseboats

Modern Houseboat

On Lake Rummelsburg Berlin, Germany Welcome Beyond has decided to build a "Modern Houseboat" that features a modern design with clean lines, plenty of boxes, and plenty of empty space. The entire houseboat is 645 square feet of pure minimalistic design. Never have I seen such architecture on a boat with all straight clean lines that flow smoothly throughout. It gives off an aesthetic feel without looking like a hospital.

 The Design

Living Room
      The design aesthetic is exceptionally clean. Everything has clean lines, little clutter, and smooth surfaces. Much like Microsoft Design Language it features a beautiful clean design minus chrome. The small size is completely maximized because of the clean furniture. Everything about the design screams clean and efficient. From the fireplace to the beige walls it feels like something you might find in an expensive resort somewhere in the Alps.

The Future
    In a not too distant future the design of most homes will change featuring a more "space age" look that minimalistic Industrial designers world round tout. One of the more famous minimalistic people was Steve Jobs a man I'm not enamored with, but he really had a taste for good design. It was said his houses featured little furniture and promoting more clean lines. Take a look at the iPhone or Macbook Air. The design is very clean and modern (albeit not my favorite and a does get boring) that shows where the potential for clean design can go. The modern houseboat is not only beautiful it is cheap (relatively). Even though it may be surrounded by less than optimally designed boats, houses, and factories it is a testament of where design can fly.

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