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Friday, August 9, 2013

The Long Way Home (Homelander Series) Review


  Usually I don't like to review books that aren't requested but since I had this on hold from the library and I had a week to read it so I figured I'd give it a review here. So the book is really good like so good I threw a chair across the room. The book follows Charlie West a teen running from the good guys and bad guys alike who is trying to find out after his memory is erased Maze Runner style if he is guilty or not of murdering his former best friend. A very original story from an excellent author I hope it makes it to the big screen.


 Wow, book starts off a bit dull I must say. I put the book off for a day then resumed refreshed and the action quickly heightened. From the knife fight the action didn't peak but kept escalating very nicely. Everything was kept in motion nothing was flat. Obviously I can't put spoilers in my review :P but I will say the plot twist I didn't expect really made a good story supreme. The story does one thing I liked but don't see elsewhere: it shows a power struggle where good and bad look the same but in reality they aren't. It is a very interesting blend something usually reserved to boring backroom discussions now brought to the limelight in an uber awesome book that was designed for a movie.


5/5 Words cannot describe how much I like this series and novel. Sad thing was the distribution of it (most likely because it was published in 2010) was limited e-wise. I got it from the library thank God but kindle wise well different story.

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