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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Windows 8.1 native 3D Printing

     You know, it wasn't too long ago when I thought that 3D printing was stupid or uncool. Now a days, I am hearing more and more people talking about it. I always thought it as an "unnecessary thing " or "something you can borrow at school" or something. Good grief, it is becoming more of a reality and in more homes than I ever thought.
     In class at school once, we watched a company called Z Corp use powder to make any kind of plastic shape you could think of. They even made a bike! Those machines they made used lasers and designed it in the powder, then once It was done, you reach your hand in the powder and that object is just there! So I guess we'll just make our design and print it, I don't know. Crazy stuff. What will we design our design with? Autodesk Inventor?
     Microsoft's On The Whiteboard shows you more about this stuff. So, I guess one of these days, I'll print off a sandwich.

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