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Friday, September 6, 2013

Dash: the DIY robot you've been dreaming of

Future of robotics?

      Animal inspired, unique building process, and hacker friendly the Dash robot is available if you donate $40 to the Dash crowdsourcing campaign. One of the "perks" and probably what really made me think was the spring type of locomotion. Usually robots require a lot of servos, sensors, and other things making robots a sect within a sect of people. To make robots you have to be an "extremist nerd/geek." Now the fun, easy to make, and relatively fast Dash alpha robot is here with a simple origami style.
      The key part that the Dash team is stressing is the "animal inspired" part. Through a promo (not the one shown above) they showed some animals like lizards, cheetahs, and a large insect all using a spring like locomotion to keep on moving. I thought the idea was neat because instead of making something that would most likely be unsuccessful, slow at best, and highly unimaginative they built upon tried and true principles with little nearly cute animal like robotic "mice." The good thing compared to as spider like ATV these can actually sprint or dash like they are called.
      This is completely awesome. I've put links to all their social media sites, websites, and the place to go fund this beast of a machine.

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