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Saturday, September 14, 2013


      A thriller involving a man wanting his girl back and his future destiny and demons controlling him is very entertaining. Meet Colin a man who lost his girlfriend Natalie and was led back to her by a Christel who he thinks is a ghost or other supernatural being. It took me about 3 days to read the book and is intended for an adult audience.

       This was my 3rd paperback book and 1st ARC I received. What originally attracted the book to me was the cover. I usually don't touch on covers but this one was a particular favorite. The use of a stock royalty free photo and the right font makes a stunning first impression. The book itself was good... if your 18+. The excessive use of language and certain scenes didn't touch on any fancy of mine. Still the writing felt much like a Ted Dekker thriller which satisfied me well.

     3.8/5 If your 18+, looking for some supernatural action, and a story of love, redemeption, with twists and turns then I highly recommend this book. If your under 18 and not a fan of cursing this book wouldn't be your favorite. I say to the author excellent job and keep up the good writing!

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