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Monday, September 2, 2013

Shadow of the Golden Blade review

      Well the book was amazing simply put. A story about Japan, samurai's, car chases, and high tech programs making your dreams/ whatever he experienced in HQ video was amazing. Even though the book was obviously geared toward geeks (all y'all reading this) it was easy to read through. Obviously the authors did their homework before writing the book. The book features the story of a golden blade hidden by a daimyo of the samurai time who was losing a war with a greedy neighbor. A tie in with the modern world via high tech dream stuffs I can't even start to explain made the book wildly interesting.

     Hard place to start. Well I think the book was near flawless. The editing was great, the flow was beautiful, the story was highly original. This was the first book in about a year I've read on my ancient Skytex Skypad Alpha and the experience was great. Metadata was filled, chapters existed, and cover art worked in the Aldiko app. I hate to make my reviews seem always positive and usually 5/5 but indie authors really are improving in their works. Only qualm was the artwork. I mean the cover and the website design is lacking bu that can be fixed. Still it can detract from the readers if they can't easily connect with the author.

     5/5 Very very good book. Really connects with a lot of people i.e: geeks, Japanese fans, and people loving a good action book. Had a James Bond feel just more sarcastic/satire form. Really enjoyed it hope it happens more.
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