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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

American Alligator

     Fan of Swamp People? Really like or are intrigued by essential living dinos known as alligators? Then this a wonderful book for you. Filled with bunches of facts, observations, and things your probably don't know about an elusive but highly popularized species of reptile written in a way not to bore you like the book you read for your Doctorate thesis. Written by a retired biologist who spent 30 years in the outdoors seeing this fascinating subject of fame up close and personal.

     As a fan of the uber popular Swamp People reality TV show on History channel and a cryptozoologist enthusiast this struck several chords inside of me. I highly enjoyed the way he told the story of the alligator in a way where it didn't feel like reading the boring section of the newspaper or a really boring bibliography. It felt to me like a feature article (i.e Rick Bragg) something with some flair but highly informational. Book was great if you don't get offended easily (i.e strong Creationist, Cryptozoologist, or take offense to any even if light to non criticism of Swamp People) even if you do it still makes its points.

     5/5 Loved the book and the vast amount of information involved. It really expanded what little I knew about the history of alligators. I really love zoology/paleontology plus Swamp People really expanded my love for the highly armored Apex predator so this just fed into something I already enjoyed. High Recommendation. If I had an award on the site I'd give it one. Or several.

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