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Saturday, October 26, 2013


      A surprsingly good space opera incorporating crazy religions (the Millennial Gnostics) and billions of innocent people caught up in the crossfire! Splinter is that crazy science fiction space opera you've wanted to read but couldn't find it in your local bookstore... until now.

     Great. Just great. Crazy religions and the whole nine yards fully appealed to me. I mean it started off very well, then kinda dipped into a lull, then gave me a rush of excitement. The book was good for the plot story it offered. Either I wasn't the biggest fan of the plot story or it wasn't executed well enough is all up to you the reader, but the way Sherri Moorer wrote it was beautiful. Plain and simple. Didn't hurt it had a nice cover.

     4/5 Overall a nice read (bit long but worth it in the end) if you like space opera's/futurist science fiction with apocalyptic endings and crazy religions tied in. Doesn't hurt she's a Carolina girl!

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