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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Super Born: Seduction of Being

      The B.I.B exists! A super hero born during halftime with special powers in Scranton, PA with well some other females rises to the occasion. Let's just say the book was filled with vivid scenes of what a super hero that is real and female would look like.

     After an unnormally short overview I really wanted to just jump into the review. Let's just say the book will keep you hooked. Just that it's long. A looonnngg book. I expected to finish it in like two days but hey no worries right? Couple things was I really liked the tie in of the book and the real world (always like that). Second the main character the B.I.B felt so real to life besides her superpowers. I mean she well (spoiler!) almost dies because she got attacked by the mafia! Characters like that are really attractive to me because I hate people who are invincible. Couple things wasn't too happy bout 1) Vivid scenes and profanity, 2) Website wasn't the best looking 3) Book cover feels copy and paste. Cover picture is great just the rest brings it down for me.

 4/5 Good book that has a great storyline. It read a bit like a feminist novel so I was surprised a white man wrote it. Love the portrayal of women as superheroes and how well it was done.