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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Against Her Will

      A dramatic book set in London about a gorgeous young lady who encounters one of the worst things ever: rape. She is raped and has a weird time trying to get over it (kinda hard to relate to as a man and even jumping over gender barriers still doesn't make any logical sense). The book is well.... special. hehehehe

     Got the book with little fanfare and after reading some reviews on Amazon... I had to prepare myself for a bad book. Actually wasn't too bad. Just I felt the place it really fell was character development. The character development was all over the place. The MC was so bi-polar I'm surprised they didn't give her medicine for it. The rest of the characters were fine I just felt her recovery was really dragged out beyond reality.

    3.7/5 Books good just the character development needs re-working. Otherwise I felt the book had an ending I didn't really expect it was close though.

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