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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Finding God in the Hunger Games

     Thanks to BookCrash I got a print copy of this really good 30 day devotional linking the Bible, Christianity, and life to the uber popular trilogy the Hunger Games now a movie. The book does contain a few spoilers and is looks to be marketed towards people who might be casual fans to the hardcore junkies.

     The book was amazing let's say that. I wanted to read the entire book in one sitting but I paced myself. As a big Hunger Games trilogy fan the book really connected with me on many levels. The good thing about the book is it's biggest draw: the tie in to the Hunger Games. Surprisingly the author found a lot of ways to connect faith to the Hunger Games which surprisingly was devoid of  any faith at all. Not even atheism which is surprising in a dystopian novel of that caliber. The book did an amazing job and I can't see a place where it fell short.

    5/5 If you are a fan of the Hunger Games or are reading it for a book club this would make a great addition to have. Thanks to the kind people at BookCrash for providing me with a reviewers copy!.

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