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Friday, November 15, 2013

Fitz - A Father. A Son. And A Gun.


Sometimes Fitz would look at himself in the mirror, an expression of pathetic eagerness on his face. He was a dog in the pound, wanting to be adopted. He'd smile. What father wouldn't want this boy?

Fifteen-year-old Fitzgerald—Fitz, to his friends—has just learned that his father, whom he's never met, who supports him but is not a part of his life, is living nearby. Fitz begins to follow him, watch him, study him, and on an otherwise ordinary May morning, he executes a plan to force his father, at gunpoint, to be with him.
Over the course of one spring day, Fitz and his father become real to one another. Fitz learns about his father, why he's chosen to remain distant and what really happened between him and Fitz's mother. And his father learns what sort of boy his son has grown up to become.

Let's just say that this book is great, especially since it kept my short attention and was realistic at the same time. No space invaders or shenanigans. It's sad to say that many people get stuck in these situations where they don't get to see there mom or dad but that is what makes this story great and understandable.

This book gets a 5/5 stars because it was realistic and kept my attention. It would be considered a smaller one, less than 300 pages or so. I would recommend this book to high school people because that's exactly what this guy is, a high schooler.

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