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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


      With wars, famines, and other natural disasters it looks like robots are to be the future. If there is anyway to survive in a hostile environment then using robots to do highly dangerous things like infilatrating an enemy position robots are the way to go. Thankfully schools have been training teens like at my school to make and use robots. There's so many possibilities with robots, you can make a robot that dances, you can make a robot that can drive around and much, and so much more! We were given a robo kit with the program and we get to keep all the parts which I'm really happy about so I can build robots on my own at home! It only cost about $200 to enter which is cheap if the future is at stake. Fairly good price and well worth the money!

      A great place to buy a robotic kit would be at say your local RadioShack, hobby store, or online at a retailer like Amazon.

   If your school is offering a Robotics Program I recommend you to join! It is well worth the money and it's very fun and you will learn so much.

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