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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Son's of Cain


I never knew that there was a healthy number of thrillers all based on a group of guys with a lot of power doing a whole lot of bad over a long period of time. This particular story has a reporter gone hero bankrolled by an influential friend who is a "non acting member" of The Sons of Cain trying to take down the influential men for attacking him while working on a story. 

Very solid plot concept that reads like butter. The character development was fine and actually very believable and worked to perfection. The ending wasn't premature and the book really forces you to read it because it is so well written. Also thankfully the language is kept clean and the book would be suitable for 13 and up. Only thing is I felt too many people got killed but that's my personal opinion. 

4/5 A solid thriller with a classic unlikely hero done right. Plus it had a perfect ending with believable characters doing amazing things with Biblical proportions. 

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