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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Iron Mountain review

     Remember the amazing Flotilla the novel I reviewed by independent author Daniel Haight? Well he's back with his latest installment in the Flotilla series featuring teen hero Jim Westerfield running all over the California coast from racist militia, drug dealers, and terrorists during an epic meltdown with his sister and some new friends. The book was a beautiful mix of tragedy, comedy, and dystopia without offending a soul or being conspiratorial.

     Well this is a little teaser since... It won the Book N Tech Editor's Choice Award in the Dystopian Category! Good job Team Flotilla on the good editing job and the facts used (accurate weapons, emergency plans, etc) in the book which made the book vastly appealing to a prepper and book reviewer like me. The storyline was real and very relatable making me happy, happy, happy on the inside impatiently waiting for the third. All of the thematic elements come together to make a story that anyone would enjoy.

  5/5 Editors Choice 2013 winner this book is worth our beautiful modern designed award for many reasons, but the main is the highly relatable plot story, characters, and settings. It does what the book was invented for: put you in someone else's awesome adventure.

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