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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Adopted Son review

     Looks like space/aliens are really featuring on the site right? Well I'm what some might label a prepper, conspiracy theorist (we were right about Area 51), and alien believer. When Adopted Son came along I was like, "You speake my language!" I wasn't surprised to get such a book in my e-mail but certainly chuckled that there was an entire publication house dedicated to selling awesome conspiracy theorist books! Well the book is about aliens being born from us humans and early diagnosed as Handels Syndrome then when an ambitious president opens the vault at an Air Force base he finds out they are aliens that were from a biological attack from the Pleiades. Talk about exciting this is it.

     Let's just say this book reminded me something like a classic "conspiracy theorist book" like Orwell's 1984. It was a vivid depiction of a possible takeover by nephilim a.k.a alien grays. I really liked the storyline, writing style, and the plot. The book felt well thought out and the ending was well.... unexpected. The emotions and civil right cases had me on the edge of my bed wanting to plead for the aliens survival. Everything about the book felt like an Extraterrestrial Civil Rights book right down to the March on Washington with the white people pelting rocks. Must read for all ages and even if you aren't labeled a nut.

 5/5 It's hard on me that I keep giving books 5 out of 5 again and again and again. It's hard on me to do a harsh review or a flowery review but so far authors have been sending me some awesome sauce lately. This is one of my favorites so much so I stayed up for about 5 hours till 1 o'clock on a Sunday night reading it. Glad to see the indie book writing movement has been making some good stuff. Go show the author some love by buying a copy on Amazon.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dash: the DIY robot you've been dreaming of

Future of robotics?

      Animal inspired, unique building process, and hacker friendly the Dash robot is available if you donate $40 to the Dash crowdsourcing campaign. One of the "perks" and probably what really made me think was the spring type of locomotion. Usually robots require a lot of servos, sensors, and other things making robots a sect within a sect of people. To make robots you have to be an "extremist nerd/geek." Now the fun, easy to make, and relatively fast Dash alpha robot is here with a simple origami style.
      The key part that the Dash team is stressing is the "animal inspired" part. Through a promo (not the one shown above) they showed some animals like lizards, cheetahs, and a large insect all using a spring like locomotion to keep on moving. I thought the idea was neat because instead of making something that would most likely be unsuccessful, slow at best, and highly unimaginative they built upon tried and true principles with little nearly cute animal like robotic "mice." The good thing compared to as spider like ATV these can actually sprint or dash like they are called.
      This is completely awesome. I've put links to all their social media sites, websites, and the place to go fund this beast of a machine.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Infinite Within book review

        Space the final frontier has been the setting for a lot of books, movies, and TV shows. Everyone wonders if we are alone, if there is life on Mars, and how to get there. The Infinite Within manages to tackle 2 out of 3 in a thrilling book that really takes space, wormholes, black holes, and everything else in space to a new dimension! I really enjoyed the political side to the novel as well as the quantum physics part.

      Wow. First off I'll start by saying the book was amazing. In the beginning I was a little iffy about the whole deal then the book got better, and better, and obviously better. I was surprised at the level of detail in the storytelling. I gotta admit Drakich got what it takes to make it in a cutthroat market. I really enjoyed the story very much. I mean you can't beat a story like this unless you add aliens.

     4/5 Well Michael Drakich you did good. Really good with the story. Only qualms I had were a few grammar issues (so grammar nazi's beware) and the rest of the book was near flawless. Great read one of my top 20's!
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Shadow of the Golden Blade review

      Well the book was amazing simply put. A story about Japan, samurai's, car chases, and high tech programs making your dreams/ whatever he experienced in HQ video was amazing. Even though the book was obviously geared toward geeks (all y'all reading this) it was easy to read through. Obviously the authors did their homework before writing the book. The book features the story of a golden blade hidden by a daimyo of the samurai time who was losing a war with a greedy neighbor. A tie in with the modern world via high tech dream stuffs I can't even start to explain made the book wildly interesting.

     Hard place to start. Well I think the book was near flawless. The editing was great, the flow was beautiful, the story was highly original. This was the first book in about a year I've read on my ancient Skytex Skypad Alpha and the experience was great. Metadata was filled, chapters existed, and cover art worked in the Aldiko app. I hate to make my reviews seem always positive and usually 5/5 but indie authors really are improving in their works. Only qualm was the artwork. I mean the cover and the website design is lacking bu that can be fixed. Still it can detract from the readers if they can't easily connect with the author.

     5/5 Very very good book. Really connects with a lot of people i.e: geeks, Japanese fans, and people loving a good action book. Had a James Bond feel just more sarcastic/satire form. Really enjoyed it hope it happens more.
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Our Web Dev Is Ready

     I finally have our web dev site finally functional and basically ready. It will change many times but that is because it's the web and change happens. I don't have much time to really do this kind of stuff but if you ever feel like you can help out, then go ahead. Anyway, here is the video showing you the things behind the site and the design. The site is at or on the web dev tab!

Happy coding :)