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Saturday, September 14, 2013


      A thriller involving a man wanting his girl back and his future destiny and demons controlling him is very entertaining. Meet Colin a man who lost his girlfriend Natalie and was led back to her by a Christel who he thinks is a ghost or other supernatural being. It took me about 3 days to read the book and is intended for an adult audience.

       This was my 3rd paperback book and 1st ARC I received. What originally attracted the book to me was the cover. I usually don't touch on covers but this one was a particular favorite. The use of a stock royalty free photo and the right font makes a stunning first impression. The book itself was good... if your 18+. The excessive use of language and certain scenes didn't touch on any fancy of mine. Still the writing felt much like a Ted Dekker thriller which satisfied me well.

     3.8/5 If your 18+, looking for some supernatural action, and a story of love, redemeption, with twists and turns then I highly recommend this book. If your under 18 and not a fan of cursing this book wouldn't be your favorite. I say to the author excellent job and keep up the good writing!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Please note people wanting book reviews!

Alright hello! I've been getting a lot of book reviews which is good glad to see the traffic and hope I help y'all sell your books! Couple of different things below.

1) NOTHING graphic, heavily romantic, or heavily fantasy (like Harry Potter).

2) No like adult type fiction I mean I'm 14 and Christian I like to keep it clean.

3) Due to heavy amount of requests (I can show screenshots I have like nothing but reviews in chunks) I will accept, but will take a while to get to your book. It would be faster but we lost a key book reviewer (my dynamic partner Jenn Leahy) and are in the process of bringing new one on staff. I do my best but with a heavy semester I'm constantly busy.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

VMware playing Windows 7

     I was at school and we were playing with some virtual machine software. Our $2k computers run Windows 8 so going back to 7 was funny. Good thing it was only virtual so we could switch back whenever we wanted. We do this since we are to be trained like IT people and so we can adapt to several different operating systems. You never know what kind of OS your customer is running so you always have to know how to run older things. Thankfully, Microsoft  is not supporting XP in 2014 so maybe our teacher will cut us some slack and won't make us virtually run Windows XP. I was also listening to some Matisyahu so that always makes the time, running older software, go by faster. Happy coding :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ubi Interactive

     Over a year ago, startups were selected to be part of the first Kinect Accelerator program, located in Seattle. One of the shining stars was a group called Ubi interactive and started by Anup Chathoth and Chao Zhang. The purpose of the program was to find ways to work with and use Kinect. Uber interactive is all about turning any surface into a virtual, interactive touch-screen.