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Saturday, October 26, 2013


      A surprsingly good space opera incorporating crazy religions (the Millennial Gnostics) and billions of innocent people caught up in the crossfire! Splinter is that crazy science fiction space opera you've wanted to read but couldn't find it in your local bookstore... until now.

     Great. Just great. Crazy religions and the whole nine yards fully appealed to me. I mean it started off very well, then kinda dipped into a lull, then gave me a rush of excitement. The book was good for the plot story it offered. Either I wasn't the biggest fan of the plot story or it wasn't executed well enough is all up to you the reader, but the way Sherri Moorer wrote it was beautiful. Plain and simple. Didn't hurt it had a nice cover.

     4/5 Overall a nice read (bit long but worth it in the end) if you like space opera's/futurist science fiction with apocalyptic endings and crazy religions tied in. Doesn't hurt she's a Carolina girl!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Windows 8.1 //Lloyd's POV

     There are many obvious changes that are good in Microsoft's Windows 8.1. Some things, like the pin new apps to the start screen by default is gone though. For some reason, my start screen apps don't close after I close them because task manager still shows them open. To prove it, when I click on the app again after being closed, it opens up like it was still open, say like IE or news goes to the exact page I was on instead of the home.
     Definite improvements can be seen on the UI. The customization and options reminds you again that Windows still let's you choose. The nice start button on the desktop is a nice touch and a signature thing for Windows. A great thing for those who favor cloud storage and access from anywhere will be pleased to see that SkyDrive is like a second storage drive and backs up documents and more. Overall, the Windows 8.1 update, that you can get from the store, has many good improvements including cloud storage, UI, and more options.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lars the Awkward Yeti book review

      Well this marks change. Change as in the first picture book I'm reviewing! Lars the Awkward Yeti is a popular webcomic that we interviewed the author of earlier. Now he decided to put his best artwork into an awesome book with a preview of an upcoming book!

    Well I guess I can't comment on the story line, plot, or other things but I will say the picture quality was amazing. I showed it to a few friends one a science nerd and they were laughing at some of the puns and Lars's awkwardness. I really liked Lars as a character even though I have strong feelings about discrimination against comic book characters (they always getting into some kind of bad situation). The book felt expensive like it was done right. I'd go as far to say the caliber of a Big Nate or Diary Wimpy kid good.

    5/5 I felt no fault with it (except I wish there was more) especially since the artwork was so darn fancy. Like legit go to the back couple of pages and see the beautiful artwork! Anywho make a buy regardless of your taste in comic because you will find it appealing.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Art Center new Surface blades ideas

     Windows 8.1, Surface 2.0, and now cool new Surface touch cover ideas (blades), with the help of the Art Center. Another busy year, and great concepts, in my opinion. Also, there is a chance that Microsoft could make this open to 3rd parties and developers. Anyway, great ideas and I hope that this will put them in the right direction.