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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Buyers/Gift Guide 2013

Holiday Buyers Guide 2013

Happy Holidays from BookNTech
As the holiday season rolls through, we decided to give you gift ideas and information for the techie one. We hope that this will make it easier on you whether you know a little or alot about technology.

Remember, if you have any questions, just comment below⇓

Tablets / Hybrids
Surface 2 Pro
-Intel Core i5 Haswell Processor
-Windows Pro 8.1
-10 inch 1080p ClearType
-USB 3.0 and Pro Pen
-Mini DisplayPort
-Up to 8gb RAM
-Up to 512gb Solid State Drive storage
Ipad Air
-A7 processor
-iOS 7
-9.7 inch Retina display
-Lightning connector
-1 pound
-Up to 128gb storage
Nexus 10
-Dual core A15 processor
-Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
-10 inch 2560x1600px
-Micro USB
-Micro HDMI
-2gb RAM
-Up to 32gb storage

Smart Phones
-4 inch Display
-iOS 7
-A7 processor 64-bit
-8 MP Camera
-Up to 10 hrs (on 3G) Talk Time
-Up to 250 hrs Standby
-1136 x 640p
-8mp camera
-4.2 inch Display
-Up to 10 hours talk time (3G)
-Up to 13 days standby time
-Blackberry 10 OS
-16 GB storage
Lumia 929
-20 MP Camera
-5 inch full hd 1080p x 1920 AMOLED display
-Microsoft Windows Phone 8
-13.83 hours Talk Time
-880 hours Standby
-Up to 32gb storage
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Newest Software
Visual Studio
2013 Pro
-Visual Studio is a high end productivity IDE application for developers.
-The unified development experience to create compelling consumer and business applications across devices and the cloud.
-Adobe Photoshop is a high end, image editing software.
-Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 software delivers even more imaging magic, exciting new creative options, and the Mercury Graphics Engine.
8.1 Pro
-Windows 8.1 Pro offers enhanced features to help you easily connect to company networks, access one PC from another, encrypt your data, easy multiscreen, etc.
-Windows 8.1 is free for Windows 8 users.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hill Climb Racing | App Review

     Hill Climb Racing game is a simple but fun app that does have some physical properties behind it. The game let's you customize and upgrade vehicles and maps. When I showed this game to a friend, he plays  again and again, and says, "this is addicting" which absolutely true. This app get's a 5/5 for it's simplicity and fun.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Book N Tech Black Friday party

  Do you like to party? Do you enjoy music from ALL genres except screamo? Hate shopping?

       Well here at Book N Tech we are throwing a virtual dance party over at! Thanks to some friends I was told about the awesome virtual party site which sadly is shutting down shop December 3rd. As much as I would love to keep it going all good things must come to an end. Anyway we will have the party room open as of now till the end of Black Friday. Make sure to share with friends during this Thanksgivvukah holiday season! :)
Below is the site where music will be played!  (
Make sure to share with friends by using the hashtag #bookntech and it will show up on the widget on the right!

The Son's of Cain


I never knew that there was a healthy number of thrillers all based on a group of guys with a lot of power doing a whole lot of bad over a long period of time. This particular story has a reporter gone hero bankrolled by an influential friend who is a "non acting member" of The Sons of Cain trying to take down the influential men for attacking him while working on a story. 

Very solid plot concept that reads like butter. The character development was fine and actually very believable and worked to perfection. The ending wasn't premature and the book really forces you to read it because it is so well written. Also thankfully the language is kept clean and the book would be suitable for 13 and up. Only thing is I felt too many people got killed but that's my personal opinion. 

4/5 A solid thriller with a classic unlikely hero done right. Plus it had a perfect ending with believable characters doing amazing things with Biblical proportions.