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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

AMD Nano PC | #CES2014

    With all this CES 2014 technology, the vibe is going strong, and now with AMD showing off palm sized PC prototypes. I think that AMD and Intel are pushing for ever so thin and small PCs with full pc power.
    This reference design, according to Engagdet, packs enough to run Windows 8.1 seamlessly and even get in a quick game of FIFA 14 at 1080p. This contains their Mullins chip, a 256gb solid state drive (SSD), camera, Bluetooth, Wifi, and a DockPort connector. This design also features HDMI and USB ports. Sounds good to me!
    Engadget says, "Here's hoping that a company or two picks up on the design and starts making absurdly thin machines of their own."

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