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Friday, January 10, 2014

Clearview Clio see-through speakers | CES 2014


    Well, sad to say good bye to CES 2014 but there were many cool technologies worth talking about. Now, I'm not a fan of the un-needed, extreme, $$$ technology but I do like innovative, futuristic technology that will shape the future. One that caught my eye was the Clearview Clio sea-through speakers that literally produce the sound through the transparent transducer.
    This new speaker technology is an ultra-thin, slightly curved, and optically clear acrylic glass transducer that allows it to disperse sound waves in multiple directions according to Yahoo. “We believe that good design, innovative engineering, and advanced acoustic technology are key to the enjoyment of audio in the home,” said Stefan Bokamper, CEO of Clearview Audio. I think that maybe Bose needs to experiment with different transducer types to see if costumers are more willing to try this stuff out. So, define transducer.

Definition of transducer (n)

Bing Dictionary
  • trans·duc·er
  • [ tranz dssər ]
  1. device that converts energy: a device that transforms one type of energy into another, e.g. a microphone, a photoelectric cell, or an automobile horn
  2. biological converter of energy: a biological entity that converts energy in one form to another, e.g. the rods and cones of the eye or the hair cells of the ear
    So it turns out a transducer could be just about anything. Some things are just more efficient than others. Woofers have been the traditional way of producing sounds but need a box. A company that uses different types of transducers that people might be familiar with is Eminent technology. There most known of technology is their rotary subwoofer, which uses blades and rotation to produce Guinness World Record bass to below 1hz. So you see, sound technology is interesting.
    So back to this cool, little, transparent speaker. Instead of pushing from behind, like a traditional cone speaker, Edge Motion-driven speakers actuate a thin membrane along the side in a manner that creates an extremely efficient, piston-like motion in front. The speaker creates panoramic sound which produces sound in the front and the back because there is no box or anything. That bottom, non glass part you see does all of the processing and is also the box for a down firing woofer to produce sounds below 200hz, while the transparent part produces sounds above 200hz.

Clio Wireless Invisible Speaker Hands On  


    Read more from Yahoo -

    Stay tuned to BookNTech for more spotlight technology from CES 2014. We will still be looking at some cool tech from there and whatever caught our eyes.

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