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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Meta Glasses | Wearables | CES 2014

    All this wearable technology but the most well known probably has to be Meta's Space Glasses. Now, you've probably heard of Google Glass but Meta's Space Glasses is the one catching a lot of interest and is even being talked about at school. It's funny because it's not even just the nerds and geeks I hang with, it's even non-techy people talking about it. So hearing it a few times, I looked them up There site is well programmed too and they also brag about their glasses having 15 times the screen area of Google Glass.

"The MetaPro glasses do some pretty amazing things with augmented reality" - Engadget. Some people even say they make you feel like Iron Man. I think it would be pretty interesting to try them out because this definitely looks cool.  Here is a list of some pretty amazing specs for this computer:
-Intel i5 CPU
-128GB SSD
-32Whr battery

    So yea, this thing is pretty amazing and is probably the next popular form of PCs. Very personal computer. It basically has equivalent power to the average hybrid (tablet/laptop) computer. As you can see, the interface is produced on the lenses and the interactivity uses some kind of Kinect like technology to read your gestures and see things. Just think, all this is being made by a start up. See what all it can do on this video.

Check out the site at Here are the full tech specs:

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