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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Last Microsoft Keynote at CES

The upcoming CES event is sadly going to be the last CES conference that will feature a Microsoft keynote. Microsoft has reported that it will be more of a wrap up of the year rather than a full keynote. Even though the 32 inch Intel core i7 32" Exo desk made by Viewsonic is having debut there. Also their is a section for newbie companies to showcase their finest equipment. Maybe Fusion Garage will bring the Grid10 and Grid4 phone. Also the small possibility that the Windows store will be showcased their still stands along with a video bloggers dream. I suggest checking out phone dog, Engadget, Goodereader, Minipcpro, and Netbook news because I know they are sending out someone to check out the latest equipment. The death of CES will be disappointing to many who wanted to make the pilgrimage to this almost holy site in the world of tech. We can be sure Android will be wanting to puff out their chest with ICS (Ice Cream Sandwhich) the latest update to the now popular mobile phone OS. Microsoft will also try to save the Windows Phone project. Being in the small portion due to Apple and Android downing it greatly. Everyone I talk to always says they think about getting one but will not because they heard bad news even though the average rating on is 4.5 stars. Anyway the death of an old giant Symbian has occurred with the last phone the Nokia N9. So in my last words to Microsoft keynotes is farewell!!

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