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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stop Motion Animation at work

Today I am going to look at the lesser known ways to animate in animate objects Stop Motion. I am actively involved in Stop motion and have made some videos for different demonstrations. Most people who are active in animation usually use computer animation for better quality. I still prefer stop motion for its simplicity and ease to use. I have some sample videos to show you of some cool little tests.

1. The flying man hanging by string
A secret agent kicking in a door using a rope from a Lego agent set with a helicopter. I like this one because it looks very smooth in my perspective and the vid went very well.

2. Blood And the sword!
I have made another small short with a pirate vs a soldier. the soldier wins and  kills the pirate drawing blood. Only bad thing was the blood was not a good red but more pinkish.

3. Walking and Shooting Test
  I did for my last test the pirate man walking two steps and shooting a gun. This video has some flaws such as no white background and my hand appearing. My next walking and shooting test will feature a Russian guard with a machine gun and walking the full distance.

That is all I have for tips I will be featuring the return of an old mini movie (2:30 long) called The Shovel is Mightier than the Sword. That is a great movie. Thanks for reading, Voley

Asus Eee Slate

ASUS Eee Slate 12.1-Inch Tablet PCThis is one of those let me look at this again tablets. Even at the high end price of $1,109.00 it should not have been able to make it. It still persevered, and according to Amazon it has received a strong average of 4 star reviews. I have personally spent many hours researching and gathering details for this extraordinary product. This is a one of a kind product featuring the Asus Vibe app market not forgetting the Windows Live market. First my favorite part here are some specs:
12.1" LED Backlit WXGA Screen Capacitive and Electromagnetic Panel (1280 x 800) with AFFS
Intel® Core™ i5-470UM
4GB DDR3-1333 SO-DIMM, expandable up to 4GB (1 slot total, 1 slot occupied by a 4GB module)
Operating System
Windows®7 Professional (64 bit)
802.11b/g/n; BT3.0
2.0 Megapixel (front)
1 x Digitizer pen; 2 x USB 2.0 port; 1x 2-in-1 Audio Jack (Head Phone /Mic-in);1 x mini HDMI port;1 x Card Reader: MMC/ SD(SDHC/SDXC);1 x DC-IN
Battery Life
Battery life: 4.5 hrs; Play 1080p video: 2.4 hours /34 Whr polymer battery
Size/ Weight
12.28" x 8.16" x .67" ; 2.56lbs
1 x User Manual; 1 x Warranty Card; 1 x support DVD; 1 x Folio (with support function) 1 x Power Adaptor; 1 x Bluetooth Keyboard ; 1 x Cleaning Cloth; 5 x Refill Nips; 1 x Nip Remover; 2 x AAA Battery for KB
Trusted Platform Module, Computrace®LoJack® (service sold separately)
        Now here is my personal review the main meat about the Asus Eee Slate
The Eee Slate was made for Productivity. With the modern b/g/n Wireless system and a quality efficient lithium polymer battery with 4.5 hours of use. First complaint is the 2.56 lb. of weight. To me that is pretty heavy for a tablet pc and can really hurt your hands. Second the storage only 64 gigabytes on a Solid State Drive is pretty low. I have to admit this does not have as many good features as the Skytab I reviewed earlier. One thing is it has the Asus Vibe Market. I have not heard much about it, but that it is an entertainment store exclusively for Asus products. Another thing I saw was of course the price tag. When I saw this product was for over a grand and was from a virtually unknown company it can’t sell. Sadly I was mistaken. Take the similarly priced Samsung slate. Samsung is known all over the world and is the leading maker of smartphones. Taken that most customers will post reviews I compared the number of them. The Samsung Slate 64 gigabyte Windows 7 Home Premium had a mere 3 reviews. Compared to the Eee Slate packing 166 reviews. Weird isn’t it? For my last thoughts on this intriguing product I say it is pretty good for entertainment and productivity, but that price tag would have most kids stealing piggy banks. Thanks for reading, Zeke