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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Windows 8 App Review: Amazon


     My only trusted online source for computer and accessory purchases came out with a Windows 8 Release Preview app that is geared for metro and is great and easy to use since it thankfully has a little search button on the top right corner. What it does not have due to Windows 8 limitations is the ability to buy in house. The worst part about some of these apps which inevitably lead to their pull out of the Store is the ability to do everything in the app no external browser required. The Amazon app is not very polished and is very basic and is not as good as the Android or IOS equivalent. 


     Well it starts up quick and shows a simple featured list. One of the things that make this app simple to use is the search button which almost all metro apps lack. Some apps like the Bing Map app had the little hint but took it down and just used the search charm and took away the hint. Say you search for a backpack and of course a bunch of results come up. You click on the first one and boom it takes you to the product page little to no lag. It shows you the product page and it has a little information about it and there are a few review that you can click on and see the full review in the app and some similar products others like. Some things that make this app useless. 1 In order to see everything about that certain backpack you have to see it in the browser externally of course. 2. In order to buy the product is in the browser and not in house because of current limitations. 3 You only see one picture and have to go to the external browser again. So I have to make a point that you are forced to go in the browser which I feel has some Windows 8 faults that will be fixed in the RTM version due to limitations but I want it now!! 


     This app is okay to preview a bunch of stuff and shop in snapped mode. In total it is not self reliant which I brutalize it for and give it a 3.7 out of 5. 
Rating 3.7/5

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