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Monday, July 2, 2012

Windows 8 App Review: Naturespace



      This app is currently the only one of its kind in the Windows 8 Store and one of few in the IOS realm. There is no current WP, BB, or Android version yet. This app is made to relax the body and provide calming, soothing music. In the two weeks I have been using this app it has mostly been playing whenever I write or read. It feels very abstract as some subtitles suggest and can really lull someone into sleep. If you feel very vexed and need something to help you calm down the rain into water or even the night at the lake unknown are some great soothing songs. 


       The app is so easy to use and is pretty reliable even though there are a few noticeable bugs but that might be a localized issue but it is still an issue to the end user. For one thing you have to close the app in order to stop the music since the pause button does not work and if you want to play a video and don't want the music anymore you can turn down the sound but that is it until we get a bug fix. Another bug is when you do turn down the sound when you turn it back up or on it will not come on unless you go into the apps little circle to change the sound. Other than those audio playback is smooth as silk and played at studio quality it sounds so real. 


         It is probably one of the most beautiful metro apps and I have seen a lot of metro designed apps. From the clean slick side left to right interface to the beautiful pictures. I would prefer to see some looping images, but they are a big drain on the battery as we see in the original weather app. There is no lag when moving from screen to screen or opening the information and reviews circles. The information circle usually has some tips about what is happening and how to process what you hear in your imagination. You can read the review circle for some reviews of other users. So far you can not add a review in the app, but we image updates to the app will soon be made. 


             Out of all the apps this is my favorite since it can play in the background as I write. Like usual you can see the app pictures below and now we are showing screenshots instead of pictures. 


  1. Ahhh finally a W8 app review. It's kinda sad that major blogs don't have these. I made a mistake and combined my two disks as a dynamic one and now I can't create partitions to dual boot W8, so it's good to see reviews.

    1. well thank you very much and that was not a very good idea on the partition. The only other major blog that does Windows 8 app reviews is Thank you so much and expect to see alot more