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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Windows 8 App review: Quick Note


     In all honesty I was pretty upset that the only note taking app that I ever used that was worth using Evernote left from the Windows Store so I decided to uninstall it since it would not be updated to edit pre-saved notes until Windows 8 release. I was in the market for something different than a bigger app like Onenote (that I own). I like the split screen view and the easy to use interface that makes everything clean and simple. 


     It was quick and never had any such app lag while in the app or while doing other tasks in snapped mode. The app is very quick and snappy when opening and note taking with a keyboard is quick and easy. There is not much to do in the app except take notes. It looks like it saves them in a RTF (rich text format) which is nice since you can add formatting and such. As seen above you can change the color of your note to different colors. Pinning apps to the Start screen is easy and works unlike a few apps I seen.  Just like Evernote you can "share" something like for example a forismatic quote and have it saved dated with a copyright and a URL to see it on the website. So far so good but for the lucky few that have Windows tablets with pen support pens do not work inside the app. Also there is a tagging feature but it does not work very good.


      If you need a simple app to jot down notes and lists then get Quick Note or are looking for a cloud based syncing between devices than get the evernote desktop app or the One note app.
Rating: 4.5/5

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