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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Windows 8 App review: PhotoVault


     Usually I don't give apps 5 star ratings but when an app does everything it says it does pretty snappy it is hard to go lower. The app does have some ground to cover like more content and a sharing function. Still for what it offers it does. Channeling through the high res photos was as smooth as butter even on my T3400 Pentium dual core laptop. The app loads very quickly and the design is pretty simple at its base.


     It loads up very quickly even with a lot of other tasks open. Opening up categories takes around 2-4 seconds and can be a bit tedious waiting. Cycling through photos is very fast and has no lag at all. The pictures do not take up the full screen which is a bit weird, but I guess makes the app go a bit faster. The live tile is very pretty and has different picture from time to time. There are different categories and it is very slow loading them. The app itself is very low on content and the content itself is a bit smaller than it should be. The pictures look of high quality and the app itself is very well designed. Each of the pictures has a little description underneath talking a bit about it. 


     There is not much to say about this app except it could use a little work, but so far so good!!
Rating: 5 out of 5

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