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Thursday, June 27, 2013

UX Design

UX Design
UX Design, #contentfirst
When creating a user interface for websites, software, etc, you should consider the user experience, or UX. It should be straight forward and simple. Many companies design things with alot of chrome and shine. They use buttons that are supposed to mimic real world materials instead of having a digital layout. That design is considered skeumorphism. Apple was well known for skeumorphism but we want to avoid using that design language. Microsoft Design Language is the most mature and innovative design out and is being adopted by many. As you can see, this page you are on right now is following the #design.
Microsoft Design Language is supposed to be Modern, Clean, Fast, in Motion, all about Content and Typography!
That design language used to be called "Metro" but that is no longer the case. So don't call it Metro! This design might not be as appealing to amateurs because many of us are used to the shine and chrome. When people open a webpage, they don't want to have to wait on the decorations and usually want the info they were looking for.
So the next time you create a user interface for your website, software, or even your PowerPoint show, make it clean, modern, and put #contentfirst !
If you would like some great free example's just visit some Microsoft website's and take a look.,, Microsoft Next and etc.

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