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Friday, July 12, 2013

Girl Tech

Heyyyy gorgeous reader!

So, let's get started with the bare minimum basic: I'm NOT SPEAKING FOR ALL FEMALES! I'm particularly bubbly and like pastel-y pinks and stuff. But, I'm gonna speak for my girl tech! If you are a chica (or feminine chico), please feel free to leave a comment! It will, of course, be appreciated. But a bit about me. . .

If you saw my last post, you'll know a bit about me, but if you didn't, you can take time to read that now (or continue reading this, I don't dictate your life or run by the rules of grammar please note this horrible run-on!) Moving on to better grammar (and content), this post I'd like to tackle the things that make me nerdy. No, not quite a nerd, some of my other co-bros (the guys I'm blogging with here) get really upset when I call myself a nerd. But personally, when has being intelligent been a bad thing? Just sayin'. Anyway, in this post, I want to talk about my technology and why I use it!

First one: My laptop. OH GOSH MY BABY! Currently, it's an Asus VivoBook (the weird one with the touch screen that's 12" across and, like, seven inches deep), and I lovers it! It's pretty, durable, and have great recording abilities and sound. It's a step up from my last baby, but that was a few years old, too. I love Asus!
What do I use it for? What don't I use it for?! It's basically awesome! I edit videos, audio, and I write on it--primary uses. I do also stream on it, watch Youtube, and, of course, check out mah social medias. Those are the basic uses, and I absolutely love my Baby. She's doing a fantastic job keeping up with everything!
Any stickers? Soon! I'm getting this one, actually. And so excited!!! :3 (there will be pictures, promise~!!!)

Second: My (now dead) iPod. It was a 5th generation NaNo (last of the click-wheels for NaNo), and it functioned amazingly for while it did last! (I abused it horribly, so I'm not blaming anyone)
I'm a dancer, and so it was great for doing shows and stuff. I'm actually getting sad, though, because it died recently. *This song is on replay in my head. *sobsobsob*

Third: FLASHDRIVE. I'll let you imagine what I do with that. (hint: writing)

And I think that's all! I don't have much technology-wise. And as the only gal on this ship, I think that's pretty good. My fam does have gaming systems, and we stick to the Nintendo classics, but those systems aren't mine. ;)

Mmm... Yeah! See ya'll later!


*=I had no idea that song was seriously eight minutes long. I mean, seriously! The radio plays it for less than TWO MINUTES. How do you get less than two minutes out of eight? I'm so confused... (also, no disrespect meant by it.)

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