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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Network Speed Test

 I've been told a picture is worth a thousand words. Well out of the two screen shots I took (both look about the same) of Microsoft Research's Windows 8 Network Speed test it really is a tell all. App looks good, has some good information, and does what it implies.


Wow this is probably my shortest app review ever! App loads up fast because its a light app. It launches into a screen little chrome all content perfect MDL usage. Simple as shown you click start and it tests your internet connection which it advises not to do over a metered connection. Results were accurate I felt the ping was off but that's me and little bout. Anyway It showcases previous tests some were done while I was doing a lot thus the low scores. No sharing which made me sad but then it didn't advertise it.


Not much too say. Clean simple UI design much to my liking. Considering it was a home grown app I expected something that had something like this. Not a fan of the scrolling bar at the bottom, but that is a minor niggle.

5/5 Very few apps get this rating and this deserves it because it delivers what it says it does no more no less. Good app I recommend. No slideshow because wasn't much of a point it would be redundant.

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