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Monday, July 29, 2013

Street Eats: App review

      Food trucks have become a phenomenon in many major cities like NYC, Austin, and Los Angeles. The average Food truck owner has a well-equipped social media “weapon” that lets everyone know where they are, how long they’ll be there, and other things. The food truck has been a foodies dream a restaurant on wheels featuring cheap food and drinks. The Street Eats app has decided to tackle the issue of finding a food truck by making a searchable index of the major cities with a featured truck section and an ability to add trucks.
    The app has a straightforward layout with everything in hands reach. The app does have a cookie cutter template look, design, but it has all of the major features for an app of this caliber. The one thing I didn’t like was that it only showed food trucks of major cities. The closest city populated by food trucks is Greenville boasting two: Asada and Neue Southern. I did click the add food trucks button but so far no response. The app has some other cool features like a start up horn blast (truck horn) which gives it some flair. Overall functionality is nice if you live in a big city.
       The app does have a Metro design that appears clutters but provides a lot of content first. The app design isn’t bad and isn’t a standout making it so so.

3/5 The limited amount of cities and lackluster design doesn’t cater to the entire potential market that the Street Eats team could have but the feature set it does have make it a good app nothing worthy of an Editor Choice award but nothing that deserves a stay away sign. Considering it is about the only Modern app that relates to food trucks if you do live in one of the cities by all means get it. 

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