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Monday, August 26, 2013

So say the Waiters review

       Highly original book that well was a bit different from mainstream fiction. Portraying an upcoming business model where people post weird requests and are taken to fulfill them by takers So say the Waiters promises an exciting journey filled with well things on exciting journeys! Naturally the mere mention of an exciting journey made me jump for the paperback.

     Well let's say this original journey was.... original. It had a very unique plot and felt well written. If you like more 18+ over type fiction this would be great. The cover was great, the free kidnApping bookmarks were cute, and the story wasn't bad. I suggest getting the free first episode on Kindle to see if you would enjoy it.

   3/5 The book was good but the language obviously makes it an 18+ over book. I liked the originality, but the book wasn't in my science fiction style. Still it intrigued me and wanted me to try +Justin Sirois  other books like Falcons on the Floor. Good job Sirois!

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