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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This is the Future: Drinkable Sea Water

           Survivalists also known as preppers have had a big boom recently after Hurricane Sandy and other events have ravaged different areas. Water events, and other disasters could easily contaminate freshwater with saltwater leaving people devastated and without the most important thing in the world: water.Without water people will die causing more disasters. Well some people made the Puri a device that could easily purify saltwater so it is good for drinking that would come in handy on any survival craft or for a home on the water.

The Design

   Most people (reasonable people to be exact) wouldn't care about the design of something if it could save them from dying. I can applaud that. Still we have to remember this is being entered into a design contest so I like to look at the design of it. Wow I've never seen a more beautiful design for a purifier yet. Sleek, small, easy to use, and very beneficial. Not much more to say about it.

The Future


Wow. The future hopefully won't be a dystopian landscape out of a science fiction b movie, but in case it is you will be prepared with Puri. Puri shows a future where humans are rapidly advancing to tackle problems that were previously untenable. It shows that we as homo sapiens can tackle what the apocalypse throws at us before we hit the afterlife. 

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