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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This is the Future: Adroit pet feeder

      Feeding our pets is something we probably forget a LOT. Obviously our pets are very important but with a busy schedule it's easy to forget. So Adroit wants to make sure you never forget with the Adroit pet feeder that works with your smartphone. It is a contestant in the Electrolux contest for their "design lab." Idea looks great and could help save dogs and cats lives and yours too!

The Design
  Since it's obviously a contestant in a design contest the design is very important. I gotta admit I'm used to square and aesthetically white designs but this one beats the atypical modern design with something more round. I really like the design because it's compact and not boring.

The Future

    The future is bright with the innovation we've been seeing. From small fire extinguishers to this if we can focus on small things that can save lives from animals to humans then we can tackle some of the worlds bigger problems. 

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